..stories were meant to be read and imagined. Then, one day, inspiration took over and led us to create Petite Roa and the most amazing stories meant to be lived! The stories you are about to experience from now on, are about caring parents and happy children, sharing their love through the magic of aristocratic inspired shoes. Petite Roa is a subtle and elegant combination between Spanish aristocratic design heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, meticulous attention for detail and responsible professionalism. It passionately blends:

  • the children’s need to feel comfortable and secure while they walk, run, play, dance and grow up;
  • with high quality fabrics like : 100% natural soft and lacquered leather, Italian luxury velvet, natural fur, practical elastic silk bands, pearls etc.

   Our brand knows that luxury is a statement of identity, even for our little ones. While modern children footwear fashion tends to promote mass production, manufacturing lines and shoes with a quite short lifespan, Petite Roa returns to the roots of Spanish royalty, to collect inspiration for its refined and elegant collections. With care for children around the world, an insatiable hunger for responsible manufacturing process and a strong passion for classical designs, we create unique stories, patterns, details and standards.

   Nelson Mandela once said that ” History will judge us by the difference we make in the EVERYDAY lives of children.” What Petite Roa aims to do, is to bring artisan craftmanship to the spotlight as a necessity for improving the quality of children’s lives and mobility. Our work talk for itself, thus helping our brand’s aesthetic to communicate the quality, without difficulties or artificial enhancements. Dare to discover this classical luxury Universe of its own, that will bring you one step closer to your child’s comfort and wellbeing. The are the high quality shoes and stories that can be handed down from generation to generation.

You can find them all in our three main categories : Classic, Aristocrat and Capsule.